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Help us create a future for Africa’s most endangered species: Join the journey of making wildlife conservation scalable and profitable. Be a part of AMES.

01 What is AMES

The AMES Foundation works to prevent the extinction of Africa's most endangered species and to preserve habitats. Preventing poaching is a big part of our work – and the hardest. That's why we're trying something new: making biodiversity scalable and profitable. Our Guardian community of entrepreneurs, founders, creatives, and makers are constantly developing new concepts to create positive impact outside the fences of our reserve.

02 The mission

Making wildlifeconservationprofitable+ scalable.

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  • Habitat

    We transform, manage and protect our own biodiverse habitat. In our reserve, we test all kinds of different technologies and solutions on site to learn and improve conservation work. For our guardians and partners, AMES offers once in a lifetime educational experiences, where you will learn about and from nature as a personal discovery-adventure.

  • Conservation Tech

    We implement technologies and innovative solutions that help make Africa a safer place for wildlife. As an example, we use modern surveillance technologies – AI-based image analysis, drones or trap cameras that are useful to combat poaching more effectively and efficiently.

  • Community

    We are a community of makers, creatives, entrepreneurs, founders, investors and CEOs united by one goal: putting a stop to the extinction of Africa's wildlife. Together, we conceive new ideas on how to make biodiversity scalable and profitable, investing in a safer Africa for its wild life. We exchange ideas, push each other forward and celebrate every step along the way.

03 Being a part of AMES

What's being aGuardian like?

The AMES Foundation is primarily funded by our guardians. Through them, we have the means to invest in local measures to protect wildlife and to create local jobs. In return, we offer access to one of the greatest networks of entrepreneurs and innovators, exclusive summits and and the chance to see the precious flora and fauna of our reserve in Southern Africa.

04 Selection Process

Do you havewhat it takesto become aguardian?

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To become a Guardian within the exclusive AMES network, you need to prove that you can contribute to our mission and that you're fit to see the African wilderness up close. Being a Guardian starts at 3.000€ a year. After your initial introduction, our AMES Leadership Team will review your application and contact you. In two seperate interviews, we want to get to know you and see how well you fit into our community. After all, campfire Gin & Tonics are best shared with friends, not acquaintances.

  • Biggest Benefit
    Be part of a community oflikeminded innovators.
  • Current members
    178 Guardians.Meet them!
  • Membership fee
    Starts from3000€ per year
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“At a very early age, I became a Vegetarian, mostly for ethical reasons. The more I learned about the enormous complexity of ecosystems on our planet, I felt the urge to contribute more to their protection than just a dietary change.
Through AMES, I found the unique opportunity to actively engage in the protection of one of the largest and most diverse habitats on earth. Being a Guardian fills me with pride and enriches my life in countless ways.”
Constantin Schwaab – Guardian since 2020
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05 Become a part of AMES

Join theguardians.